The Australian Cobberdog

The Australian Cobberdogs bring so much Joy and Happiness.
Their amazing temperament make them the perfect family dog and excellent therapy and assistance dogs. They are :

  • Loving and affectionate
  • Incredibly intuitive
  • Intelligent and easy to train
  • Social and non-aggressive
  • Kind with children
  • Funny and love to play when asked to, otherwise calm
  • Allergy-friendly and low to non-shedding with no dog smell
  • Friendly with other dogs, cats, …

Take a look deep into their beautiful eyes and you’ll see
A sound mind in a sound body.

Cobber means Best Friend, and you can not get a better friend.
The Australian Cobberdog will follow you all over, hiking, on boat trips, to the café or just lay down next to you. If you are ill he will stay by your side. They are real « Angel Paws ».

This beautiful breed was developped by Mellodie Woolley of Tegan and Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor in Australia to make it possible for allergic people to have an assistance or therapy dog. Their highly developped intuition and human focus make training for these purposes quicker and with a better outcome.

They come in three sizes:

Mini :
Medium :
Standard :
34  cm – 42 cm
43  cm – 51  cm
52  cm – 61  cm


Their coat is straight, wavy or spiral fleece and comes in multiple colours: Chalk, Cream, Gold, Red, Black, Silver, Blue, Chocolate, Café, Parchment and Lilac. They may also have 2 (or 3) colours : Parti, Phantom, Sable or Merle.

You will find more information about the breed standard at the official Master Dog Breeders & Associates (MDBA) website for the Australian Cobberdog.

We live in Provence with our beautiful Cobberdogs Milou, Tegan’s French Opale and Tegan’s Polar Star. We are not professional breeders, but have 3 beautiful Cobberdogs that are part of our family.